Bounty Showdown Slot Review: Medium Volatile, RTP 96.16%


In this Bounty Showdown slot review, you will get the best insight on how it works. Most, if not all, software developers are lured to the raw romanticism and mystery of America’s Wild West at some point in their careers. There’s something about it that continues to maintain sway over both studios and players. 

With this game, it’s now the turn of Stockholm-based developer Fantasma Games to throw their Stetson into the Western arena. It is a rather simple slot by Fantasma standards, keeping the gameplay simple while concentrating almost entirely on special extra wild symbols. 

You’ll be sauntering away from the showdown a champ if you hit enough of them. If you don’t, you’ll be riddled with buckshot as you flee town.

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Summary of Bounty Showdown Slot Review

Fantasma seeks to provide a gaming experience to the realm of gambling, as they put it. Bounty Showdown does this by creating a dark, out-of-the-way town and filling it with one of the best western soundtracks since Deadwood. 

When reviewing the paytable or spinning in the main game, it meanders along like a Bon Jovi song before shifting into Load/Reload era Metallica. 

The simple wooden 5-reel, 10-payline game grid is the least appealing aspect of Bounty Showdown, but the same could be said of El Paso Gunfight, and look how that one worked out.

Bounty Showdown Slot Review

Return to Player and Volatility

The battle may be played on any device with stakes ranging from 10p to £/€100 each spin. If you have access to the feature buy, you can choose between a default RTP of 96.16% or a bonus buy RTP of 97.12%. 

Volatility is medium-high, so it’s not as wild as the Wild West on the reels, and potential isn’t the highest in the type.

Paying Symbols Combination

Standard restrictions apply, so from the first reel onwards, you’ll need at least three matching symbols to land adjacently across a payline. 

The J-A royals appear first, followed by a lady wielding a blade, a desperado wielding a stick of dynamite, a fierce female, and a flaming-eyed skeleton resembling Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze. 

Given the short number of paylines, when a full line of premiums is worth 30 to 100 times the wager, the values aren’t awful. Skulls recur on the wild symbol, which appears on all reels and can create combinations by substituting for any pay symbol. Let’s have a look at how it works as a scatter.

Gaming Features

Landing two bonus wild symbols unlocks the Double Bonus Respin feature, in addition to being wild. The scatter reels are held in place while the remaining three reels respin in the hopes of landing at least one more scatter.

If three, four, or five wild bonus symbols appear on the reels, players will win 10x, 25x, or 100x their stake and receive 10, 15, or 20 Showdown Free Spins, respectively. A Gatling Wheel appears on the screen before the free spins begin, with 16 chambers containing bullets. 

Each bullet has a numerical value ranging from 1 to 100. The Gatling Wheel will be spun three times for you. Every value it hits on is added up and utilized as your round’s win multiplier.

Whenever a bonus wild symbol appears during free spins, players are given the sum of the three numbers multiplied by the wager, in addition to any regular line wins. 

If 3, 4, or 5 bonus wilds appear during the feature, you’ll get an extra 3, 4, or 5 free spins, as well as another spin of the Gatling Wheel to boost the multiplier.

Where available, payment of 80x the bet activates Showdown Free Spins on the following paid spin, as previously specified.

Final Thoughts

Bounty Showdown, Fantasma Game’s first attempt into the Wild West, mainly pays off, as it provides great gaming all things considered. 

The game’s first impressions are promising, thanks to the game’s beautifully dismal one-horse town setting and a particularly terrific soundtrack. 

Fantasma has some serious world-building chops, which he put to excellent use in Bounty Showdown. We say it’s fine, but it’s not quite as dramatic as Deadwood or Dead or Alive 2. Still, there aren’t any complaints. Well… That is the Bounty Showdown slot review, you can try this game at togelplus, MPOAPI, and Bovada online casinos if you want to play this slot game. Other than that, you can also find many online gambling games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, eSports, lottery, and sports betting. And don’t forget to visit their online casino strategy section. You’ll get the help you need.

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