Monopoly Utility Trails Slot Review: RTP 96.61% (WMS)


You must be looking for the Monopoly Utility Trails slot review. The Scientific Games collection is already impressive, with over a dozen different slot machines dedicated to the game of Monopoly. 

They’re not stopping there, though, and in Q1 2021, they released this game, a new slot in the series. Because they’re all based on the same original game, I’d expect the design to be fairly similar to previous offerings, but they’re going with a larger game area in this case, and the experience will be quite unique.

A Brief of Monopoly Utility Trails Slot Review

Monopoly Utility Trails features 8×7 reels, a large game area, and a Cluster Pays system for delivering wins. The game’s maximum stake is $250,000, which equates to a 5,000x return on investment. 

It’s also a slot with a high RTP of 96.61%, which is above average. Wilds and Wild Tracks, the Water Works Bonus, a Community Chest, and the Electric Company Bonus, as well as various scatters, will all be included in the game’s special features.

1. Betting Options

Because you’re not using regular lines, it’s only natural that the game area requires a fixed wager, which in this case is 20 coins. You can earn anywhere from $0.20 to $50.

Those bets will eventually allow for wins of up to $250,000, which is the upper limit for many Scientific Games slots. If the maximum bet is used, it could result in a return of 5,000 times the stake. Long-term, the game’s RTP is expected to be 96.61%, which is excellent.

2. Slot Features

In Monopoly Utility Trails slot review, you’ll see a slot machine with a Cluster Pays system installed, capable of awarding excellent top prizes if you get 5 to 15+ matching symbols in a row. These only touch horizontally or vertically, so they don’t connect diagonally.

The wild symbols will be four different Token-style symbols. These are stand-ins for regular symbols and do not work in conjunction with bonus symbols to activate features. When a wild joins a cluster, it explodes, triggering the cascade mechanic.

Wild Tracks

Wild Tracks is a bonus feature that appears when two golden wilds appear on the same reel or row. Carriage Wilds will then appear between the two Locomotive Wilds, connecting them and providing you with a large game area filled with wilds. 

All positions in that area will be turned into Carriage wilds if the Locomotive Wilds appear and form a square.

When bonus symbols get in the way, they are transformed into new symbols that act as both wilds and bonus symbols.

Community Chest

Community Chest is a feature that can be triggered at any time and rewards you with a 3×3 symbol. It will open and deliver a prize worth up to 1,000 times the stake before exploding and triggering a cascade.

Water Works Tap

When a Water Works Tap icon appears on the reels, it will be collected in a special meter that will cause it to leave the game area. Their bonus feature will activate once you have 15 of these symbols.

In Monopoly Utility Trails slot review, Water Works starts with spins that continue until you form a cluster (s). The triggering symbols have been locked, while the others will be removed via the cascade mechanism. 

If there are any new clusters or symbols for previous ones, those positions will be locked as well. Upgrades to clusters are also possible, thanks to special modifiers that can be triggered.


When lightbulb symbols occur, they will be collected and added to an additional feature called Electric Company. You’ll need 15 symbols once more.

Property Cards, Color Tiles, and Chance Cards are used in Electric Company, a bonus feature. In this game, you have three lives to use, and your goal is to collect as many Property Cards as possible. For each round in which no new cards occur, you lose a life. You are paid based on the number of Property Cards starting at the end.

Off The Rails Jackpot

Last but not least, there’s the Off The Rails Jackpot. This one starts when you fill the reels with wilds, which you can do with the Wild Tracks feature if wilds appear in all four corners of the screen. Another method is to trigger ten consecutive cascades in a single round. It rewards you with 20,000 coins.

3. Theme and Design

Obviously, this is a Monopoly-themed slot machine with a large game area. It’s chock-full of game tokens (which act as wilds), bonus symbols like lightbulbs or water taps, a community chest, and symbols like cars, dogs, boats, hats, and gemstones in blue, yellow, green, or red.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of situs slot gacor results about Monopoly Utility Trails slot review, the game looks fantastic, and we are particularly fond of its unique features. There’s a lot going on, and it’s a Cluster Pays game with a large playing area. It’s not difficult to believe that some players will be able to achieve the aforementioned large wins.

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