Arctic Valor Slot Machine Overview: Features, Max Win Possibility, Bonus & Paylines


Arctic Valor Slot Machine Overview. The independent Nevada-based software development business Crazy Tooth Studio created the Microgaming-powered slot machine Arctic Valor with a focus on the American market.

Although Microgaming hasn’t given Crazy Tooth Studio a meaningful introduction and our background research came up largely empty handed, what could possibly go wrong with a motto like “Quality Always Wins”?

It would be unfair to compare this studio to the large, well-known giants that we typically highlight on Bigwinboard because it is a relatively tiny one. While we don’t think too highly of Microgaming, a firm that has completely lost touch with reality, we do know that these men are quite proud of their work, so we’ll try to be nice. 

Speaking of Microgaming, it was both disappointing and hilarious to see their ridiculous attempts to promote their miserable games at the recent London iGaming conference. These games scarcely had any relevance even 10 years ago, let alone in 2019. Anyways…

On all supported platforms, players can wager between 0.15 and 150 euros every spin on the six-reel, 4096-way Arctic Valor Slot Machine. With its adjacent pays mechanics, you can win wherever the winning combination appears on the set of reels as long as three or more matching symbols show on adjacent reels. For instance, you can claim the prize if the winning combination appears on reels 4, 5, and 6.

With a randomly triggered Icicle bonus and Arctic Valor Slot Machine free spins, this slot allows you to experience an arctic journey. There is a Norse mythological element present here, much like in ELK Studios’ 2018 release Valkyrie. You will observe an animation of the northern lights performing in the background as snowflakes gently fall upon the reels in this game, which is set in a magnificent arctic temple.

Low-value pink, blue, and snow crystals, as well as medium-value shields, winged helmets, crossbows, and swords, are entirely stacked on the ice-cracked reels. Four Valkyrie warriors serve as the top symbols; they are all equal in value and pay 0.66 times your wager for six on a payline. Aside from the wild, there are no further special symbols.

Arctic Valor Slot Machine – Features

Arctic Valor Slot

The Icicle feature in the main game could randomly activate on any spin. Icicles may fall onto the reels in groups of 1 or more, and they may stack up to 3 symbols high.

Then, to disclose cash prizes or wild symbols, you are instructed to click on the icicles. Although it tends to activate very frequently, this feature also has the ability to tease you.

The Arctic Valor bonus, which offers 7 free spins, is activated by three or more scatter symbols placed anywhere on the reels. Every time you spin in the bonus game, the Icicle feature awards you with wild symbols. Here, a series of three-symbol-high Valkyrie symbols is also used. The Icicles will attack Valkyrie symbols when they show up on the reels.

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Arctic Valor Slot Machine – Verdict

Although Arctic Valor features a few positive aspects, such as a 6-reel engine, 4096 ways to win, and completely stacked symbols, it ultimately fails miserably because of its horribly outdated graphic style and its exasperatingly low payouts.

Having said that, it does boast a maximum win potential of 2700x per single spin should you land a full screen top symbol; yet, the fact that 38x winnings are hailed as “big wins” in this game gives you some sense of what to expect.

We also had a minor problem in addition to the a bit jerky spinning and unimpressive visuals (apart from the beginning, which looks rather great). Because the Icicle feature appears frequently, the auto spin option is somewhat worthless when it does because you have to manually click the icicles to reveal the prizes. You can also try other games such as slot games, poker and judi bola.

Additionally, the free spins in the Arctic Valor Slot Machine are not very rational. To make room for three symbols high Valkyries, the fully stacked Valkyrie symbols are eliminated. Additionally, to boost the likelihood of winning big, the Icicles should target the reels close to the Valkyrie stacks instead of automatically aiming for them. With the current system, premiums are essentially added on top of premiums (correct us if we’re incorrect).

It appears that Microgaming has made it their life’s work to encourage indie studios. It’s difficult to determine whether it’s a random act of generosity, laziness, or a tactic to capitalize on them, but as gamblers, we couldn’t give a damn. All we want are terrific games that give us the pleasure of knowing there’s a chance to win big, yet Microgaming and its posse of studios consistently fall short of our expectations.